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Tokyo. A dynamic workshop


Create things with your own hands. I think that is the origin of manufacturing. And the space where people who trust each other gather is also an indispensable driving force for making things. The workshop where the cherubim is created is also the same. Skill, experience, passion, humanity, art. The “lights” lit by craftsmen living in the present age are constantly swaying in the workshop. The intersection of the fundamental method of handmade and the privilege of humankind, imagination. That is a small workshop in a corner of Tokyo.

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1964年に開催された東京オリンピック。その前年に行われた五輪代表選手を決めるプレ大会は、海外選手も招かれ、本番さながらの大歓声と、熱気に包まれた決勝レースとなった。ケルビムの創業者である今野仁の弟、今野義は東京代表として出場。悪天候に見舞われたレースを最後まで戦いきって7位入賞を遂げた。しかし、代表を逃す。競争好きな兄弟達は、オリンピック代表候補だった義を子供の様に応援した。彼らは、どんな些細な勝負事でも勝ち負けにこだわり続けた。まるで反抗期の子供の様に。それは、ケルビムの第1号フレームが製作される2年前の事。まだ、日本にスポーツサイクルが普及する以前の時代。 後に、数々の競争用自転車を世に送り、輪界に今野三兄弟ありと言わしめるようになる前夜であった。

The Tokyo Olympics held in 1964. The pre-tournament, which was held the previous year to decide the Olympic athletes, was a final race that was filled with enthusiasm and cheers just like the actual performance, with overseas athletes invited. Yoshi Konno, the younger brother of Hitoshi Konno, the founder of the cherubim, participated as a representative of Tokyo. He finished the race in bad weather to the end and finished 7th. But he misses the representative. His competitive brothers cheered Yoshi, who was a candidate for the Olympics, like a child. They continued to stick to winning and losing in any trivial game. Like a child in a rebellious period. That was two years before the first cherubim frame was made. It was an era before the spread of sports cycles in Japan. Later, it was the eve of sending a number of competitive bicycles to the world and saying that there were three Konno brothers in the wheel world.

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200年の歴史を持つ自転車デザインに一石を投じる事。それは、自転車作りに関わる者の使命だと思います」。イギリスのデザイン集団TOMATOを牽引するSimon Taylorと今野真一がコラボレートし誕生した常識を打ち破る新しいスタイル。レトロフューチャーをテーマに作られた「Humming Bird」は、NAHBSにて、最高の栄誉といえる「The Best fo Show」を獲得。

Throw a stone in bicycle design with a history of 200 years. I think that is the mission of those involved in making bicycles. ” A new style that breaks the conventional wisdom created by collaboration between Simon Taylor, who leads the British design group TOMATO, and Shinichi Konno. “Humming Bird” created with the theme of retrofuturism won the highest honor “The Best fo Show” at NAHBS.